What is your mood like in the morning?

Will you run out of bed before just the warning bounces, or are you something of a snooze hitter? Either way, whether you have been up half the night studying or hit the hay at a reasonable hour, a solid morning routine can create ways to increase productivity, improve wok efficiency and transform the outcome of your whole day – and you can complete most of Your schedule, right before you get out of bed!

Morning hours. You love em ‘or you hate em.’ It has a considerable hand in defining the rest of our day, regardless of the love-hate relationship with the mornings.

By using our morning time to develop ourselves emotionally and physically we set the groundwork for a safe and productive day. The next question, of course, is Time. Where does one find time to contemplate whether they are balanced?

You will be happy to know that these tips will give you an increase productivity at work both mental and physically, which will of course increase work efficiency throughout the day. The best part of these ways to increase productivity It is that they can be done in the morning before you even get out of bed. How quick is it?

Avoid reaching for your phone

The first is more of a what you should not do. Most of us (including me at times) are guilty of going for our phones first thing while we are only half asleep in the morning. Whether it is to catch up with the various messages you have ignored when you are asleep, or update your inbox, this almost always concludes in Instagram and Facebook wandering aimlessly. This not only delays you getting out of bed, but also means you do not start your day in an extremely healthy or deliberate manner. I note that first thing in the morning when I do not check my phone, I waste less time scrolling all day long … Sometimes I even forget to search Instagram

The first thing to be done to increase productivity at work and throughout the day is to relax your mind in the morning with all the negative, stress. When you wake up and check your phone immediately, you are bombarded with new messages, emails, to-dos, and other stimuli that often create a sense of stress and anxiety.

External stimuli immediately pull your attention, giving you no time and space to restlessly start your day.

According to Dr. Nikole Benders-Hadi, “turning to your phone immediately when you wake up can start your day off in a way that increases stress and leaves you feeling overwhelmed. And lesson work efficiency rather than improve work efficiency” 

1. Mental Check In

It is so easy to instantly jump into a mental to-do list for the day as soon as we wake up. Instead of planning how you will fit in all your errands, give yourself one or two minutes to do a once-over. Physically and emotionally check up with yourself. Has that cardio worked out yesterday and left your thighs sore? Are you concerned about this big presentation? Or are you able to increase productivity at work? Do not judge or act on any of those things, just notice. This is the starting point for the day, there is no good or bad. It is important to know where you start the day when it comes to managing the emotional variations of the day.

By taking time to note the day’s moods in the morning, you will be able to understand your emotions and reactions later in the day and in return, avoid being too hard on yourself.

2. Gratitude Journal

Nothing gets my mind into a positive groove, like my gratitude journal. This takes on my “Please don’t get me out of under the sheet! “Attitude to, “I’m grateful for being wrapped up, warm and safe. “ Whether it is a full-page worksheet or a quick name-three-things-you are- grateful-for, listening your gratitude helps train your mins to see the silver lining and Improve your efficiency to manage things properly throughout the day. I keep my Gratitude journal beside by bed on table and thus have no reason to skip in the morning.

Gratitude to this morning:

-I am grateful to have my love of natural living written and shared.

-I am grateful to have a job which will encourage my success.

-I am strong enough and can Increase productivity at work and throughout the day

3.Pranayama Practice

Sometimes, within five minutes of waking up, physical activity just will not work. The sluggishness has not worn off yet and the body and senses need a little extra energy to wake up. The solution is Pranayama! Pranayama refers to the Life Force, or oxygen. Strategically using our respiratory system through various breathing exercises either boosts or relaxes our mental activity depending on which side of the brain gets more oxygen.

Relax your body by breathing through the left nostril, while breathing energizes the right nostril. Let us alternate nostril breathing to bring equal amounts of oxygen to both sides of the brain to create a balanced state of mind (and hopefully increase productivity improvement all day) This will encourage clear-mindedness and level-headed thinking and create ways to increase productivity.

Place your right-hand pointer and middle finger in the centre of your forehead and keep your elbow at an angle of 45 degrees. Take turns shutting off the right and left nostrils using your thumb and ring finger using the instructions below:

Use ring finger to gently close left nostril
Inhale right
Use thumb to gently close right nostril
Exhale left
Inhale left
Close left
Exhale right
Inhale right
Close right
Exhale left
Continue with this pattern.

Repeat for a few sessions, or before you experience alertness and peace of mind. Instead of the exhale focus on the inhalation as we try to wake up.

4.Gentle Bed Yoga

And we are ready for a certain physical movement now. Yoga can help to increase blood flow throughout the body which will help brain to improve work efficiency. Start quickly with some dynamic breathing that connects your breath with repetitive motions like this:

From a seated position (legs can be straight in front or criss-cross applesauce), with arms resting on your sides, inhale and overhead raise your arms. Kindly detach them by exhale. Run 3-5 times.

Wake up the spine with a side bend:

Inhale your arms overhead once more from the same seated position. Track down the back, the shoulder blades, give some room to the arm. To the spine pull the front ribs in. Leave the left arm stretched on the exhale and put six inches from the right hip on the right fingertips. Inhales find length by reaching out through your fingertips in this simple pose. Exhale now as you gently glide overhead and right. A minor bent is straight in the right elbow.

Rest for a few breaths here and wake your side body up. Come back to the centre on an inhalation. Release down left arm.

Repeat on the other side by extending both arms overhead again, but this time leave the right arm extended and gently bring the left fingertips out of the left hip to meet the bed about six inches above. Repeat the gentle bend of the side as we did at the first side. Breathe in back to the centre.

Detox with a gentle twist:

Do you want productivity improvement throughout the day? then this yoga is for you

This pose requires you to criss-cross-applesauce your legs if they are not there already. I like stuffing my sheets or pillows under my knees for additional support. Breathe in and extend overhead arms. Place them six inches out of the hip and four to six inches back, instead of dropping your right fingers along the hip.

Remember this is early in the day, so do not push a twist, just lead the body, and let it relax where it feels at ease. Take a deep inhalation which reaches out through the head crown. Put the left hand on the exhale to rest on the left knee, as you use the abdominal to rotate the left ribs towards the right wall.

Be soft on that. Inhale, and then exhale. Respire. Kindly move around to the middle on the next exhalation, the ear is the last thing to turn to the left.

Continue turning in the other direction. Arms above your head inhale. Exhale place left six inches of fingertips out of the hip and four to six inches back. Sitting inhales higher. Exhales bring the right palm onto the right knee to rest. Inhales push down the two sit-bones. Exhales pull the belly button to the spine and rotate the right ribs to the room’s left side. Rest here and settle in the gentle twist. Respire. Come back gently to the face centre on an exhale, bringing your last gaze forward.

5.Set an intention

By now I hope you feel more awake, more ready, and more inspired to take on the day. The final part of my pre-you-get-out-of-bed-morning-routine is setting a goal. How to improve work efficiency? Increase productivity at work? Are everyone main concerns.

The main aspect of an intention is to make it something that you have control over. If you start to feel flustered or out of time throughout the day, come back to the intent you set and reassess. Some sample motives are here so choose one that fits for you and your goals:

-Confronts new problems of energy and excitation.

-Build something beautiful.

-Think before you talk.

-Practice kindness and good sense.

-Be gentle toward yourself.

-Find ways to increase Productivity

Morning rituals are unique to every and every person. These morning routines work well for me to feel alert, concentrated and motivated personally, but do not be shy about adjusting for your own personal morning flow!

What makes you have a good day? Tell us about your morning feel-good rituals. 🙂


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