You work hard building your business. You know that in this day and time, you have to have an online presence to be highly successful. You have a website, and you’re confident the content is good. You KNOW you have a great product that people want and need. But you don’t have a lot of traffic. There’s got to be a way to change that, right?


Yes, there are numerous ways you can change that. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Ensure you are found. How many times a day do you ask a question, or hear someone else ask a question, and another person says, “I’ll Google it.” Google might be a noun, the name of a company, but it’s also a verb – an action someone takes. But while everyone says, “I’ll Google it,” there are other search engines the people use, like Bing, Yahoo! and Pinterest (which is selling itself as a search engine more than a social media platform. Search engines display sites that have gone through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Writing in such a way as to be seen by the search engines is known as SEO content writing.  You can excel at SEO content writing by researching key words to ensure the words you are using are the ones the search engines are looking for. You can also hire a freelancer or firm to do your SEO content writing for you.


Also, get your business listed on sites like Google My Business, Google Maps, Yelp, LinkedIn, and Facebook. These directories work hand-in-hand with search engines, and more people will find you when you are listed there.


Have great conversations. What does it mean to have conversations online? One example is blogging. Having a blog on your site will allow you to dispense information, and allow your audience to comment or ask questions. If you aren’t comfortable with blog writing, there are blog writing services available to help you. A way to get comfortable, if you aren’t already, is to guest-blog. See if others in your field would like to have you give your opinions on their sites. Also, have guest bloggers on your site. Whenever a guest writes on a blog, both the guest and the host can promote the content on their own site, and both parties can see increased traffic. Blog writing is less intimidating than it seems. It’s generally written in conversational tone, which invites guests to comment and create conversations. Like a lot of other things, the more you do it, the more comfortable you get. You might even get so comfortable you can offer blog writing services for others.


Use social media. You may be thinking, “I’m not sure about social media. Do people really want to read about what other people had for breakfast or get into political arguments?” Well, people really aren’t just posting what they had for breakfast, which was more common when Facebook and Twitter were brand-new platforms. While it is true that there is a lot of arguing about politics in some of these forums, you do not have to engage in them. Remember the power of “scroll down.” You can easily move past the more unpleasant exchanges. Social media can be used for good business purposes. LinkedIn, while often classified as social media, is very business-oriented and a great place to put links to your blog posts and other content from your website. You can also use Instagram and Facebook for this. Since you are the expert in your field, you can simplify it for your audience through social media.


The social media reach will increase if you use hashtags. Twitter was the place that saw the original use of hashtags, but they are also on the other platforms. People will search for a specific topic, product, deal, event or news story using hashtags. If a post, picture or article you have recently added shows up in the search, you have expanded your audience and created another opportunity to increase your website traffic.


If you aren’t familiar with the concept, here is an example. #WorldSeries reads, “hashtag World Series.” As that baseball event approaches every year, social media users will search that hashtag. If you have a business that sells sports equipment, content you create could come up in someone’s search and lead them to your website.


Start some email marketing. Consider using regular newsletters and promoting offers through email as tools to stay in touch with your customers and get traffic to your website. Ensure the information is useful and include links to pages on your website where they can learn more, such as your blog posts and landing pages for particular offers. The key here is to avoid overuse. People will disengage or unsubscribe completely if you send too many emails. Also, create your email subject lines carefully. If your emails never get opened, they can’t supply traffic to your site. Many platforms, such as Mailchimp, have a free version you can start with, so you don’t even have to spend any money on email marketing when you are first starting.


The world has certainly changed a lot in recent years. It doesn’t seem that long ago that a successful business was mainly based on the product in the store and some well-run printed advertising. As the world has transformed in the digital age, businesses rely more and more on their presence online. It is very hard to do business if you don’t have a good website. And once you have a good website, you need people to visit the website. When you make sure people can find you, give them an opportunity to engage with you on your site and on social media, and using email as a smart marketing tool, you can become an expert in your field to those moving around the internet. As the expert, you will soon have plenty of this good traffic.

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