You have been thinking… Things are going fairly well. You have put together a good business, and knowing how much people are going online to shop as opposed to going to a physical store, you have a store link so people can purchase your product from anywhere. But could things be even better?


A big key to online sales success is ensuring people can find you. When people go to Google, Pinterest, Bing or any other search engine to look for information or to purchase something, ranking high in those search engines will greatly increase the odds that the site the customer purchases from will be yours. How do you achieve that coveted high ranking? It is with the process known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.


You could always hire a copywriter or search engine optimization company, but if you want to try it yourself, you can certainly do so and be successful. There are many aspects to SEO. Here, we will look at 5 of them – call them the five C’s of SEO.


Clever Keywords – You want to use words that potential customers will use when typing something in the search box. If you’re not sure what you should use, there are several tools that can help you get started, such as Google Ads Keyword Planner or SEM Rush. Also, keep in mind there are standard keywords as well as “longtail keywords,” which are phrases 4 words or longer. About half of all searches are in this form. For example, people may search for “guided mountain climbing tours” instead of “tours.” Using the longtail keywords relevant to your business will help you climb the ranks of the search engines.


Create Excellent Content – You have figured out what keywords you want to use. What do you do with them? Write a blog post or article that is full of value and relevance. All the keywords in the world won’t help much if they aren’t a part of a well-written piece. You want to write something that provides customers with information, answers their questions, and invites them to stay and hear what else you have to say. It needs to be relevant, authoritative, and engaging. Not only will this draw people in, it will also increase your audience as people share links and tell others about your wonderful information.


“Content” in this context refers to website articles and blog posts, but “content” is also a reference to video, podcasts, infographics, animations, e-books, whitepapers, product reviews or guest blogs. Whatever form you use, the most important aspect is to ensure you are offering timely and engaging information to your audience. If you get stuck in a rut, you can hire a copywriter to help you create excellent content.


Connect Socially – It is important to realize the power of social media. More people are using these platforms to engage with companies and brands. They are not the “here’s what I ate for breakfast” forums of their beginnings. It has been reported that 80% of all online users seek information from Facebook, so using Facebook Ads is a great way to reach a very large audience. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all being used more and more by businesses as a way to connect with current and potential customers. LinkedIn, while often lumped in with the other platforms under the “social media” umbrella, is much more business-oriented and is an excellent forum to make business connections.


Connect Locally – About 30% of all internet searches for products and services are designed to find local options. Google searches that end in “near me” is an example. To maximize this feature, list your company on Google My Business. You will want to make certain your information is kept up to date. Up to 68% of customers would stop doing business with a company that had incorrect information (such as operating hours or contact information) in local directories. If you choose to hire a search engine optimization company, this is where that would have the biggest impact.


Cultivate your reputation – You have more control over this than you might think. One area where you have control is in the previously mentioned area of social media interaction. If someone leaves a bad review of your product or business in general, how you interact will be a major key to your reputation. Respond quickly and address the reviewer’s concern, and be completely professional. Thank those that leave positive reviews. Sites such as Google and Yelp are places you should check regularly, and have good interaction with reviewers whether they leave positive or negative reviews. Responding to any concerns will help people see you as someone who values customers and improves your business based on their feedback.


Another important aspect of your reputation is credibility – specifically, ensuring that your content is professionally written. Content filled with spelling and grammar errors sends the message that you do not pay attention to detail, which will damage your reputation. Most programs have a spelling and grammar check feature, but you need to review even after running that check. For example, “I halve a spell check” will not return any error alert, even though “I have a spell check” is what you intended to say. As mentioned above in the local connection area, having incorrect information also sends the message that you don’t pay close attention to detail. If you struggle in this area, this is another area where you can hire a copywriter to give you a hand.


In current times, internet searches are where most people begin their journey from interest to purchase. Even the word “Google” is often used as a verb – “I don’t know; let me Google it” is a very common phrase. Whether you hire a search engine optimization company or create your own high-quality SEO, your site will come up early in the customer’s search, and can then be a prime candidate to purchase your product.


And with that, you have increased your sales through good SEO.

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