It’s time to review the performance of your business. Things are pretty good, you conclude, but you know things could be better. You know you have a good product, so sales can and should be better. How can you make that a reality? A good way to start is to take a look at your website.


As most people are aware, online shopping continues to grow, causing more physical stores to close. Any business looking to sell a product or service certainly needs to provide a website for people to buy from them. When people go to a search engine to search for a product or service, you want your site to be one that will come up high on the list. This is known as SEO content writing. Let’s look at a few ways you can use SEO content writing for maximum effect. There are many aspects to explore, but for now we will just look at 5 of them.


  1. Utilize your headlines. You want to draw people in to take a look at your content, and ultimately your product. A good headline goes a long way towards getting viewers to your site. Using a keyword in the title or headline of the writing will play well with search engines (we’ll talk more about that in a minute). By grabbing a reader’s attention with a good headline, you are quite likely to keep the reader engaged once he or she sees the rest of these aspects of your writing in place.


  1. Be strategic with keywords. Keywords are what Google uses to match the content of your website or blog post to what people are searching for. You will want your keyword to appear in the first 300 words of your writing, but it should not be forced. The use of the keyword must feel and appear as a natural part of your writing. While it may seem like you are writing to capture the attention of bots and algorithms, you are actually writing for people. Keep in mind that people doing an internet search are already motivated – they either want to know more about or buy what they are searching for, so provide what they seek. If you can’t seem to put together a great keyword list, websites like SEM Rush have a large supply of keywords you can use.


  1. Ask the expert. This can be utilized in two ways. First, you can BE the expert. What can you tell the reader that no one else can? What is unique about you and what you offer that is better than any other source the reader can go to? In addition to being the expert, you can include other experts to your writing. Interview other experts in your field. Offer to be interviewed by other experts. You can also guest-blog on another site, and invite others to guest-blog on your site. When people appear in interviews or blogs, both parties then can promote the interview on their websites, which is likely to increase traffic for both parties. This will also help build your network, and it is always good to have an excellent network of people you can turn to for advice or to share information. Think of others in your field as allies rather than strictly as competition.


  1. Write content with depth. While most social media platforms either prefer how long your post can be or put limits on its size, your website is in a different category. Most search engines give preferences to articles of 600 words at a minimum. Articles of 1,000-2,000 can get even higher rankings. It may seem contrary to the perception of people having very short attention spans and wanting quick bursts of information then wanting to move on to something else, but yes, people do want to read good content, even if it is longer. Of course the writing has to have value as opposed to just rambling on and on. Further, since you are an expert, you have plenty to say and can offer your readers unique insight that will keep them engaged, even if in your mind you have gone on too long. You can always hire a copywriter if you struggle with these aspects of writing.


  1. Optimize. In other words, pay careful attention to your site’s performance. Keep in mind that your site needs to be as clean as possible to keep people from quickly leaving (this is known as a bounce rate). Your images need to be fairly small in size. Keep the number and aggressiveness of pop-up ads to a minimum. Check on these and other factors that could slow your site down. Sites and pages that load slowly will be quickly abandoned by most people. This is where the short attention span can hurt your efforts to keep people around. Become the world’s best editor, ensuring everything is free of spelling and grammar errors. You lose a lot of credibility if you don’t know the difference between “to” and “too,” “breath” and “breathe,” or if “u rite like a 12yo” instead of a trusted professional. This is another area where you can hire a copywriter if this is not a strength of yours. If you go that route, carefully review the changes the copywriter made, and build your skill set so you can do more of this editing on your own.


Think about how excited you were to start your business, and how you have worked to make it a success. As you continue along this path, you know there are even greater possibilities and better sales results. You can utilize your online presence to keep building. Your online content will bring people in with attention-grabbing headlines, keywords that the search engines will love, expert, in-depth knowledge,  all on a site optimized to give the best user experience. This will lead to more people visiting and buying what you have to offer – all thanks to your excellent SEO content writing.

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