Graphic Design

The graphics you use say a lot about your business – so shouldn’t they portray a professional quality that puts you a cut above the competition? At Firmscapes, we certainly believe so, which is why we pride ourselves in providing clients with high quality graphic design services that meet any requirements, but without any hassle.

We believe that no matter your budget, your business deserves high quality graphics that sell. Graphic design is an ever-changing art form and a field that appears to require a seemingly endless supply of knowledge and expertise. So why not take the stress out of your business’ graphic design and hand off the hard work to us? We’ll work with you to ensure your graphics portray exactly the story you want to tell, all whilst leaving you with the time you need to get on with running your business.

Logo Design

If there’s one single graphic that says the most about your business, it’s your logo. It’s both the heart and face of your brand, and very likely to be the first thing potential customers see. So why would you compromise?

A good logo, needs to be fresh and innovative, yet still professional. It’s a hard line to balance and one that not only requires an expert designer, but a creative one. That’s where Firmscapes comes in. Our team of highly skilled graphic designers will work closely with you to figure out the message your logo needs to portray. But you’ll maintain complete control throughout the logo process, as our designers provide you with concept logos, before completing the final product.

Unlike with other designers, the completed product is 100% yours. We’ll provide you with a PSD (Photoshop) file that will allow you to make adjustments in the future and we’re always available if the circumstances of your business require an update.

We fully understand the importance of a good logo and how it can make the difference between a customer choosing your business and a competitor. So can you really afford to compromise on the heart and soul of your business?

Brand Identity

Your “brand identity” may sound like an overly-vague term chucked around by design execs, but it’s actually quite important. It’s a compilation of everything you want your brand to be, and can be crucial to making all important sales. Your brand identity includes elements of design like a logo, streamlines, and colour schemes. But many people forget that these need to be well co-ordinated.

For small businesses, there’s no denying that this can sound like a pretty overwhelming prospect. But with our brand identity service, we take all the hassle out of your hands and create a branding scheme that matches your business’ goals. No matter the size of your business, co-ordination of brand identity can’t be understated and at Firmscapes, that’s something we understand.

Our brand identity service is completely flexible and allows you to pick and choose the aspects of your brand that you want us to design. Plus, we’re always available in the future to expand on your brand identity. That’s the Firmscapes way.

Print Design

Whilst there’s no denying that marketing your business is now very reliant on digital mediums, the benefits of traditional print marketing are still apparent. Whether it’s business cards, corporate stationary, company brochures, or even billboards, your print design still matters just as much as it did yesterday.

Our dedicated team will work to meet your vision and existing design ethos in crafting high quality print design products. Print offers a unique opportunity to stand out from your competitors, but only when used properly. Thankfully, our expertise in graphic design will allow us to translate your existing branding into a physical form that your customers both know and trust. Or if you don’t already have existing branding, we’ll start from scratch to bring your vision to life.

Like all our graphic design products, your print media will be supplied as a ready-to-use file. But we also partner with leading print product suppliers to bring your product to life, should you wish to completely remove the hassle.

Strategic Marketing

There’s an opportunity for marketing in just about every aspect of your business, but in order to be effective, it needs to be managed correctly. Displaying your branding on packaging, uniforms, and signage is a sure fire way to induce name recognition and build trust with your customers. However, that’s only possible through professional quality branding that meets yours, and our high standards.

Much like with our other graphic design services, we’ll work with your existing branding or create a new house style from scratch to effectively make use of your strategic marketing opportunities. Whether you’re looking for something day-to-day like packaging design or for promotional gifts to send to your most appreciated customers, we’ve got you covered with our strategic marketing design.

Making your brand stand out in a sea of others is no easy feat. And your customers are smart, they’ll look for a brand that’s professional and well-represented.

Web Design

You should never underestimate the power of good web design in marketing your business online. And that’s something we understand.

The art of designing a good website may have changed drastically over the past 20 years, but its importance hasn’t. Your online presence says a lot about your business and it’s often the first thing your customers will come face to face with. But with an ever overpopulated internet of websites screaming for your customer’s attention, how do you make your site stand out in the crowd?

Unlike other providers, Firmscapes doesn’t use web developers to design your website, instead it hires highly talented designers. Our designers know exactly how to create a website that your customers will love to interact with and crucially, make that all important purchase. That’s because we’re always closely following the latest changes in user experience design to ensure we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. We’re truly masters of the web design field.

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