Your business is fortunate to have been born into an age when the entire planet is comprised of potential customers. But are you taking advantage of that?

One key problem with reaching new markets is the language barrier. Selling your products or services in Europe or Asia opens up a potentially huge new customer base, but that’s only one thing standing in your way. The language.

Thankfully, that’s a barrier we can help you overcome. Firmscapes hires professional multilingual translators who are highly skilled in translating to just about any language under the sun. Whether you’re looking to take your existing content to a whole new market, or want content that’s designed with multiple nationalities in mind, we’ve got you covered. We understand the importance of breaking that language barrier and we’re here to help you do it.

Document Translation

Written content is still king, but it’s often problematic when restricted to one language in a multi-lingual society. Therefore, we specialise in high quality professional document translation for just about any purpose. Whether your content is a blog post, an academic article, or just about anything you can imagine, we’ll take it from your native language and translate it to the language(s) you require.

Our document translation service is incredibly convenient. All you need to do is provide us with the written content, no matter its context or native language, and we’ll do the rest. We understand that you need access to your translated documents quickly and reliably – which is why we always strive for the quickest turnaround.

Document translation works in reverse too. If a client or supplier has provided you with a piece of written content in a different language, we can help you quickly decipher that document and provide a new version in your chosen language. It’s quick, it’s simple, and trusted by clients across the planet.

Website Localisation

Key to your business’ success is reaching new customers is your website, and that goes for international customers too. But is your website really targeted towards attracting the attention of those international customers?

Whilst many automated services – including Google Translate – claim to translate your website’s content on the fly, if you’ve ever tried working with such a service, you understand that it can be less than reliable. Automated translation is an incredibly useful tool, but it doesn’t exactly portray the professionalism that you’re aiming for when reaching new audiences.

Your website users – and potential customers – reading in other languages will be left with an experience that’s littered with spelling and grammatical errors. We know that’s not the professional image you’re looking to portray. So instead, our professional translators can take your whole website, or just part of it, and localise it for an entirely new audience. This includes translating the website’s content to another language, and generally optimising the content to better suit other regions.

If you want your business to truly take advantage of international markets, your website needs to be up to the job. That’s where we come in.

Software Localisation

Sometimes you need not just to provide written content in a foreign language, but a whole experience. Our professional translators and specialist software engineers are ready to work hand-in-hand to bring your software – whether it’s a desktop or mobile application – to a whole new audience through complete localisation.

The service we offer is highly optimised and designed to ensure your software retains all of its original functionality, whilst reaching new audiences. We understand that no two pieces of software are the same – which is why we hand pick the best engineers for the job and translators to work with them. It doesn’t matter what language your software is written in, or the language it’s compiled in, we’ll ensure that it’s in the hands of the audience you want to reach.

Our end-to-end software localisation comes with three guarantees: accuracy; speed; and quality. You can trust Firmscapes.


Written language isn’t the only barrier that can come between you and potential customers across the globe. Spoken language can be similarly problematic. Our interpretation service is designed to give you a credible local voice in your targeted market without ever actually having to learn the language yourself.

We provide a variety of interpretation services that are designed to help you focus on making the sale, whilst we navigate the intricacies of language. If you’re planning a meeting with an overseas visitor, we can help you prepare. If you’re conversing over the telephone, we can act as the middle man. And if you’re looking to provide personalised sales pitches to clients, we can handle the delivery.

You want your business to portray professionalism, even when selling overseas, and that’s something we understand. That’s why we use specialised audio equipment, soundproofed studios, and only the best translators for our interpretation service.

Voiceover and Subtitling

Your media says a lot about your business, but it can be hard to target it to a truly global audience within the confines of a single language. Thankfully, our voiceover and subtitling services are designed to take your existing content and transform it it into a truly global message that’s befitting of your business.

Firmscapes is well-versed in providing such services for a range of niches. So whether you’re looking for a corporate message to be shown to employees across the globe, or a targeted marketing campaign for international customers, we’ll be able to adapt your message with a voiceover, subtitles, or both.

If you want to ensure your message truly meets the ears of its intended audience, there’s no better option than our voiceover and subtitling services.

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