Web and App Development

There’s no disputing the fact that the internet is intertwined within every aspect of our lives. It determines many of the crucial choices we make in life. So it’s safe to assume that your online presence is the first thing your customers will see about your business? So shouldn’t it be designed to impress?

Whether you’re looking for a professionally designed online presence, or something more technical – including web and mobile apps – our highly competent team will work with you to create the product you deserve at a price you can afford.

Web Design

The art of designing a good website may have changed drastically over the past 20 years, but its importance hasn’t. Your online presence says a lot about your business and it’s often the first thing your customers will come face to face with. But with an ever overpopulated internet of websites screaming for your customer’s attention, how do you make your site stand out in the crowd?

Unlike other providers, Firmscapes doesn’t use web developers to design your website, instead it hires highly talented designers. Our designers know exactly how to create a website that your customers will love to interact with and crucially, make that all important purchase. That’s because we’re always closely following the latest changes in user experience design to ensure we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. We’re truly masters of the web design field.

UX Design

For users of your website, experience matters. You could have the most impressive website design on the internet, but it’s worth nothing without a carefully considered user experience plan. This involves ensuring important aspects are exactly where your users would expect them to be in order to ensure maximum exposure.

Our team is well-versed in both designing websites from the ground up with great user experience in mind, as well as tweaking your current site or app. This process involves carefully considering the location of aspects of your website – including navigation, search boxes, contact details, and calls to action – in order to ensure you’re truly captivating the attention of your users.

It’s time to utilise good UX design and get the most out of your online presence.


Sometimes you need to give your users something a little more than a simple website design, which is where using a content management system comes in. Undeniably the most popular option on the market is WordPress. It’s completely free, flexible, and open source.

But that doesn’t mean it’s for amateurs.

Navigating WordPress’ many complexities is something our team of web developers is well practised in. Firmscapes very own website was built from the ground up using WordPress and includes such functionality that allows clients to manage their projects with us and speak with customer service representatives in real time.

When it’s put to use properly, there’s no denying the power of WordPress. Plus, our team of master designers can integrate it into your existing web presence.


When WordPress just doesn’t quite cut it – there’s Joomla. It’s used by some pretty big names, including MTV, Peugeot, and the UK government. So it’s safe to say it’s a platform purposely built for the complexities of your web application. But those complexities come at a cost, because Joomla is no easy beast to defeat.

Thankfully, our web developers are a dab hand when it comes to Joomla’s complexities. We’ll get your web application up and running on the platform in no time, but leave it so you’re able to make your own tweaks and adjustments are your leisure. Joomla is capable of some pretty impressive stuff.

Why not get in touch today an find out how we can get your Joomla site off the ground or make tweaks to your existing offering?

Bespoke Web Apps

WordPress and Joomla are both great web application engines. But they’re not always able to provide what our customers are looking for. When you’ve got a little more budget to play with, and a specific set of requirements, our developers can craft a web application specific to your business’ needs. That could include managing staff, clients, invoicing, or just about anything else you can think of.

Your business deserves a web application that works for you. Whether you’re looking for it to manage day to day tasks or impress customers as a new product, our developers will work closely to ensure we create a web application that meets your requirements. And we’re relentless in ensuring it does just that.


Shopping is a key reason why many of us use the internet, and that goes for your customers too. If you’ve got a product to sell and you’re not utilising your website to do it, you’re making a huge mistake. eCommerce is a rapidly growing industry, and if your customers can’t get hold of your product online, they won’t buy it.

Thankfully, we can set-up an eCommerce store that will truly capture the attention of your customers and ultimately compel them to make a purchase. We understand the ideal user experience of an eCommerce store and how it can be put to work to make those all important sales. We also understand how important ease of use is when it comes to your eCommerce store, and allowing customers to make a purchase.

We work with some of the biggest names in managing online transactions to ensure a seamless online purchasing experience for your customers. In the end, can you afford not to be making those all important online sales?

Mobile Apps

If you think the web is important to making sales, that’s nothing in comparison to mobile applications. More users than ever before are ditching their desktop and laptop computers for the convenience of their smartphones.

Whilst that’s great for your customers, it still has big implications for your business.

Firmscapes specialises in developing bespoke mobile applications for both Apple iOS and Google Android. We understand the complexities of each platform, and are therefore able to develop mobile apps for just about any purpose. Whether you’re looking to provide your customers with key information on the go, or you want to offer a completely new experience, we’ve got you covered.

We also understand the nuances of both iOS’ App Store and Android’s Play Store and how to ensure your mobile application is published and featured prominently.

Online Training

We understand that not everyone can be a tech whiz. But that’s fine. If you want to train your staff with the nuances of your new web application, we’re ready to do it. Our online training is free from tech jargon and training provider certified.

Get to grips with your IT infrastructure today.

Online Training

We understand that not everyone can be a tech whiz. But that’s fine. If you want to train your staff with the nuances of your new web application, we’re ready to do it. Our online training is free from tech jargon and training provider certified.

Get to grips with your IT infrastructure today.

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