“How is your business doing?” You probably hear that question frequently when you are around friends, family, or people you know at a networking event. It’s a natural small-talk topic. Whether the answer is “it’s going great” or “things are a little slow”, you know things can change quickly, particularly in this digital age. Great momentum can disappear fast, and being stuck can accelerate with amazing speed. To build momentum, or to keep momentum going strong, you need excellent content in your online presence. While you may not want to get caught up in trendy buzzwords or clichés, content marketing and content in general is something every successful business needs to keep the success train moving forward, whether you are a big corporation or a solo start-up.

So what do you do? How do you build a strategy? There are a wide range of options and possibilities. Here are 3 aspects of operating a business and how good content can be used to make your operation a success.


Think about some of the brands that are so well-known that the brand name is used instead of the product of the brand. We say “Crock Pot” instead of slow cooker, “Band-Aid” instead of bandage, and “Q-Tip” instead of cotton swab because those 3 products became so well-known, we use that name in place of the product. While most products don’t rise to that level of recognition, having a brand that is easily recognizable goes a long way in continued growth of your business. You can use your content to keep your product at the top of everyone’s mind. Your audience can’t go very long without hearing from you, especially if you are relatively new to the market. While your content needs to be regular so your recognition can increase, it needs to be timely and relevant. We’ll talk more about that in a little bit.

Does your business have a community? Is there a regular group of people you interact with? Your recognition increases when people regularly interact with you as they spread the word to their friends. If you have trouble writing things that draw people in, hire a content writer to write up things to put on your website and social media pages. One thing that can get overlooked is online ratings. These ratings will show up in search results and are an important part of building your reputation.


Your business will always be a topic of discussion if you are offering value. To help people find you, your content needs to be content that search engines respond to. This is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. If you struggle here, this is another situation where you may want to hire a content writer or SEO content writing service. If people are educated, entertained, or inspired, they will keep looking to you. If you are comfortable as your own content writer, commit to the time to create those things that keep people engaged and is also good SEO content writing.

With timely, relevant content, you can become a trusted resource or expert on what you offer. This is really part recognition and part relevance. Once people find someone they consider an expert, they will go back to that same source regularly (recognition), and will expect to see content that addresses whatever subject drove them to seek them out (relevance).



The goal of every business is for people to purchase your product or service. Not every person that visits you online is going to purchase right away. But it’s a fact of online life that quality content gets shared. If enough people share what you have written, you can become your own SEO content writing service. As your community grows in size, you can create content with calls to action designed to lead to sales. Keep in mind that the sale rarely happens at the first interaction. You need to take the time and effort to build the recognition and relevance, and then working toward the most-desired result, the sale, will be much easier as your audience has become familiar with you and the trust has been built through your relevant content.

As mentioned earlier, there are many avenues to getting the great content you need, even if you aren’t the most gifted at creating it yourself. If you need help, take advantage of a freelance content writer or SEO content writing service. It may seem contradictory to spend money for these services, but the content that is created could be easily recovered in increased sales when it hits home with your potential customers.

Online commerce continues to grow, and the businesses that embrace it and use it to enhance their recognition, relevance and results will be the most successful.  Created by yourself or utilizing a team or outside service, some outstanding content will ensure that your business will thrive. Maybe one day your brand can be one of those iconic brands, or even simply being the “go-to” company in your industry – whatever your goals are, your content will go a long way in helping you reach those goals.  

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Straton Dan · 19th March 2019 at 05:58

Your “appearance” in the virtual world will determine how good your business is. Branding and marketing are two vital aspects of your business. Try to become one of the biggest brands of your product or service that you offering. Promote your product and yourself. Your customer support and your content are very important. The content is vital for your appearance and to achieve the highest level, you’ll need an SEO manager to rank your business in the first place.

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